Ethics and Attitudes of Climbers and Residents

Attitudes of Climbers and Wilderness Users
Research on the attitudes of climbers and other users of outdoor resources and wilderness:

Attitudes of Residents of Outdoor Recreation Areas
There is large body of work assessing the attitudes of local communities towards tourism.  Attitudes can vary among different local groups, between different types of tourism and tourism business models, and over time.  There isn't a large amount of research on local attitudes towards outdoor recreation specifically, but there are a lot of papers exploring rural residents attitudes towards local tourism.  Since the vast majority of climbing destinations are in rural areas this research will be relevant for many land managers.  The research on this page is organized into sections on attitudes towards outdoor recreation, attitudes towards tourism in rural communities, and attitudes towards tourism in general.

Attitudes toward outdoor recreation

Attitudes toward tourism in rural communities

Attitudes toward tourism in general

For economic effects of outdoor recreation on local communities, see the Economic Benefits of Outdoor Recreation page.